{Smart Networking}: Work Your Opportunities!

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By now you all know that I am a firm believer in the power of networking. So much so, in fact, that a third of my business is holding networking events across the country for wedding industry pros to meet, mingle and form business building relationships.

I won’t take up too much of your busy Friday as you get ready for a weekend of weddings, but I do want to emphasize the need to network even while doing events. Sure, it’s easy to go into your zone at a wedding, taking the pictures or playing in the band or catering the dinner, doing what you do best at your highest level, while not giving a lot of thought to what else is going on around you. But rather than just pack up your cookware or your tripod and simply head home after a long and very possibly late Saturday night, make a point of using every event you do as a networking opportunity. Don’t just politely say hello to the photog – take just a few minutes to chat him or her up and to exchange business cards, especially if you haven’t worked together before.  Take the time to follow up with that person the next day or later in the week with an email or a Facebook message, particularly if you admired the person’s work or style and enjoyed working with them at the event.

Networking events like the ISS Experience Events {ticket sales opening soon!!} are great ways to meet fellow wedding industry peeps, just don’t let these networking events be the only time you make that effort. After all, these events occur every few weeks or months, and you’re working weddings almost every weekend!

Moral of the story: Don’t let networking opportunities pass you by! Take advantage of the fact that you are constantly meeting and working with new people, and hopefully get yourself a reference or two for some future biz!

Have you ever met a fellow wedding industry pro at a wedding and formed a business building relationship? Please share!


  1. Yes. I just brought on a new preferred photographer, that I met a couple years ago when he was hired by a “Day Of” client to photograph their wedding. I enjoyed working with him so we exchanged information and have kept in contact over the last couple of years. When it was time to make a change to my preferred listing, I called him up and we started our discussions. Now he’s on the list and already servicing two of my weddings this year! You can’t bet networking!!!

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